Checkout Our Dental Prices 2018

Save Now! Our Prices Are Cheaper Than USA Dentists
  • Dental prices in Mexico at cheaper prices than US dentists.
  • We make every effort to complete your dental work in a single visit and whenever possible multiple visits are not necessary.
  • Most of our patients reside and live in the United States and are referred to us by word of mouth by friends and relatives.
  • We are confident that you too will be pleased with our quality of care, prices, and convenience of our dental services.
  • We offer dental services price in Mexico at affordable and cheaper prices than US dentists.
Basic Dental TreatmentsPrices in US Dollars
Dental Filling (composite resin) tooth colored $60.00 USD
Tooth Extraction (excluding wisdom) $60.00 USD
Wisdom extraction (3rd molar) $80-$280 USD
Teeth Cleaning (tartar removal + polish ) $40.00 USD
Teeth Whitening (take home, full mouth set) $200.00 USD
Deep Cleaning $100.00 USD
Removable ProsthesisPrices in US Dollars
Full Denture (Upper or Lower) $350.00 dollars
Partial Denture (one or four teeth) $150.00 dollars
Partial Temporary Dentures $85.00 dollars
Mega- Flex $400.00 dollars
Permanent ProsthesisPrices in US Dollars
Porcelain fused to metal crown $230.00 dollars
Porcelain Crown (veneers, laminates, jackets) $370.00 dollars
Porcelain Crown (zirconia) $450.00 dollars
Permanent Bridges price same as crown per material per unit (tooth)
Endodontic Treatment ConductPrices in US Dollars
Front Tooth (one conduct) $180.00 dollars
Bicuspid tooth (two conducts) $200.00 dollars
Molar tooth (three or more conducts) $300.00 dollars
Screw Post and Build Up $100.00 dollars
Glass Fiber Post $150.00
Dental Implants & SurgeryPrices in US Dollars
Titanium Dental Implants $700.00 dollars each
Dental implant Abutment (titanium post crown holder) $200.00 dollars
Bone graft (includes surgery and membrane) $400.00 dollars (per socket)
Sinus Lift (surgery, bone graft, membrane) $1000 dollars per side
  • Note: All Prices Above Are in US Dollars.
  • These prices are in cash or travelers check, if you pay with Visa or MasterCard add $10 Dlls (Per Item)
  • These prices are fixed and there’s no haggles.
  • We only accept Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards
  • We don’t accept personal Checks.
  • We are sorry for all inconveniences.
  • For dental appointments, Only if you call us form the US, please dial exactly as shown below
  • Our Office Phone For Appointments (You must dial from the US exactly as shown):
  • Our Mexican Phone Number: 01152-664-685-6414
  • Our US Phone Number: (619) 618-2896