Frequent Asked Questions

Our main objective is to make you feel comfortable inside our dental office.

How do dental veneers work?

Most common Dental veneers are made from porcelain, a hard material that gets as natural as your teeth color or whiter, you can choose to apply for non prep veneers or go with normal prepared tooth veneers which are the more aesthetic, you match the color of your teeth or get them in a different shade. There are a lot of procedures to follow if you want to rehabilitate your whole denture, please call to make an appointment and know more about our practice.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

There are several teeth whitening procedures, Take home trays are the most commonly used they work with Peroxide gels that whitening your teeth while you sleep, work, or rest this is a very comfortable procedure that the patient can have control. There is some cases where teeth whitening will not work that can be discussed in the clinic.

What makes my teeth look in a different color?

The color of your teeth has different factors: Dentin color, Enamel light reflex and color, etc. Discoloration is a natural process in aging because of enamel wearing down, chemical discoloration from coffee, smoking, teas or sodas. Also medication in early ages (when teeth are forming) can decolorize teeth including the consumption of flour. Teeth whitening and dental veneers are the common solutions to these problems.

When is necessary a core post, screw post or build up?

Is difficult to access the pulp (conduct) and we need open it or sometimes the tooth is so damaged that only has a small portion of natural tooth, this is when we need to put a core post or reconstruct with a screw post and build it up. When the overture to extract the nerve it’s tiny, we only obture with a filling.

My dentist told me that I need a root canal; can I do it in one appointment?

When the tooth has an abscess it’s necessary to take medicine for 3 days minimum or a week to reduce the infection and begin with the root canal. If the abscess can be treated radiological and the infection has decreased, the root canal can be done in one appointment (previous medication amoxicillin 500mg, take one each 6 hrs minimum 3 days or other non allergic medicament). If the infection stills, it’s necessary to clean the conduct and medicate for one week, then the root canal will be finished in 2 appointments.

How do i get to your office if im walking

Just take a yellow cab and tell to the driver “I want to go to segunda and revolucion” (Second and Revolution St.) at hotel San Francis. We are in front this hotel, just cross the street get in the building (Century) and take the 6th floor by using the elevator, our office its the number 602.