Our Location

Map and Directions to Dr. Cervando’s Dental Office

Are You Coming From the US into Baja Mexico?

From your location you can fly to San Diego CA International Airport, stay at the motel; they have free shuttle to our dental office you only need to call at: 1-800-553-3933 or 1-866-690-2565 for reservation or information.

If you require extensive work, you can rent a room for a week or daily in the hotel, it’s only 15 minutes (6 miles) away from Dr. Mendoza’s office. The Hotels are in San Ysidro CA.

How Do I Get to Dentists Mexico Dr Cervando’s Offices (Driving)?

To get to Dr Mendoza’s office by car, come over the border on route 5 South. When you cross the border, stay to the left and take “El Centro” (downtown) until you get to “Avenida Revolucion” (Five Lights). Turn right on “Avenida Revolucion”. Go one block and turn right again on “Calle 2da Benito Juarez”. Dr. Mendozas’s office is on “Calle 2da Benito Juarez” between “Avenida Revolucion” and “Madero” (See the map above).

The name of the building is Condominio Century (also called Bancomer) it is located in the middle of the block on the left hand side. Drive in until five floor, and use the stairs at 6th floor.

If you cross walking

Just take a yellow cab and tell to the driver “I want to go to segunda and revolucion” (Second and Revolution St.) at hotel San Francis. We are in front this hotel, just cross the street get in the building (Century) and take the 6th floor by using the elevator, our office its the number 602.