Dr Cervando Mendoza Dental Office

While you relax on a reclining chair, you have a beautiful view of Downtown from the 6th floor, overlooking Revolution st. & the main commercial district.

Our main objective is to make you feel comfortable inside the dental office, so we try to attend you as soon as possible to have your dental work done. While you are waiting to be attended, you can rest in our comfortable furniture and you will be assisted any moment with the most attentive and pleasant personal.
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The office consists in 3 sections that we would like to describe in this web site: The waiting room, the clinic and the reception.

Before you can be attended, if it’s your frist visit to us, you need to fill medical history, otherwise if you had an appointment you will pass directly. Anyway if you don’t have an appointment maby you will need to wait until we are available.

In the waiting room we have magazines and three armchairs just like the picture.

In the clinic room we got 3 units, and they have different functions, we got a digital x-ray unit which is handled by a computer, you can see instantly you x-rays and it got less radiation and better quality! We got the central unit where the patients generally are attended first, this unit is for dental work purposes; the other unit has the capability to show inside your mouth with an intro oral camera with a beautiful resolution, it’s the most advanced unit in the office, has multipurpose too.

It’s important to mention that we sterilize our instruments all the time, with biosonic-uc50d, k-steril, and Lobato vapour sterilize system. Above I show you some pictures of my entire clinic so if you want to check it out, there you have.